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Mission Frontiers November-December 2020

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Human Trafficking: The Church Should Stop Supporting It!
  • Jesus Asked Us to Rescue the Perishing and Set the Captives Free  
  • What Is Human Trafficking?  
  • Trafficked at 18 Into the LA Porn Industry  
  • The U.S. Government Response to Human Trafficking  
  • Let’s Put An End to Sex Trafficking  
  • 15 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Pornography And The Church  
  • The Porn Industry is Modern-day Slavery: How Pornography and Sex Trafficking Are Linked  
  • Sweden’s Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking and Why It’s So Effective  
  • Swedish Model as an Example to Prevent Human Trafficking  
  • The Global Slave Trade: A Cause for Our Time Unreached Peoples & Trafficking?  
  • Disturbing the Delicate Inner Workings of Indigenous Movements  
  • 1% of the World: A Macroanalysis of 1,369 Movements to Christ  
  • 24:14 Goal Movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025 (62 months)  
  • The Future of Frontier Missions and the World Christian Encyclopedia, 3rd edition  
  • Tribute to David J. Cho, 1924–2020  
  • Support the Mission of MF

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