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Privacy Policy

  • The Mission InfoBank, run by LightSys Technology Services (LightSys), is provided to you free of charge for the benefit of the work of Jesus' Great Commission worldwide. This document describes our Privacy Policy.
  • Purposes for Gathering Information: LightSys gathers information from the use of the Mission InfoBank in order to facilitate the operation of the website, to assist LightSys in planning to better serve the international missions community, and to facilitate data security measures on LightSys' systems.
  • What Information is Gathered: The Mission InfoBank records in its data security logs what pages are visited by what Internet Protocol address, and when you register for the site and download resources, the information you enter and downloads you choose are also recorded in the Mission InfoBank. The Mission InfoBank also utilizes cookies in order to allow you to log in and use your account.
  • Links to Outside Resources: The Mission InfoBank contains links to other resources on the Internet. LightSys is not responsible for the privacy policies of the sites hosting those resources. If you have concerns about those privacy policies, you should contact the site hosting the resource in question.
  • How Information is Shared: LightSys will not share any personally identifiable information from the Mission InfoBank with any other third party, unless compelled to do so by a valid warrant, court order, or national security letter. LightSys may share information in aggregate, such as the total number of downloads of specific resources or the total number of users registered for Mission InfoBank, for purposes consistent with the work of Jesus' Great Commission. LightSys does not include advertising or web beacons of any kind on the Mission InfoBank website, in order to protect your privacy and data security.
  • Business Transitions: In the event that LightSys transfers the Mission InfoBank to another ministry, generally all of the information described in this privacy policy would also be transferred to that new owner. In that case, it would be up to you to decide whether you want your account to remain a part of the Mission InfoBank at its new owner.
  • Communications: if you are a registered user, LightSys may, on occasion, email you regarding updates to the Mission InfoBank website. By registering for the site, you consent to such communications. If you want to no longer receive such communications, please contact LightSys.
  • Data Requests and Removal: At your request, LightSys can provide you with information related to you in Mission InfoBank, which may include a list of resources you have downloaded and your registration information. We will need to ensure that the request is coming from you before doing so. Similarly, at your request, we can remove all user download and registration information for your account from Mission InfoBank. Please note that such removal will not necessarily remove your data from all of LightSys' data backups and security log files.
  • Updates: We may update this privacy policy from time to time and post the updated policy on the Mission InfoBank website.

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