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Global Prayer Digest July-September 2017

July: Diverse, Small, and Unengaged in China
Day 1: Missionary Biography of Sam Pollard
Day 2: Biography, continued
Day 3: Pingdi (Ping-Dee) Yao People
Day 4: Wunai (Woo-Nai) People of China
Day 5: Bugan (Boo-Gun) People
Day 6: Numao (Noo-Maow) People
Day 7: Xialusi (Sheeah-Loo-Si) People
Day 8: Diao (Dee-Ow) People
Day 9: Changpao (Chung-Paow) People
Day 10: Sanqiao (Sahn-Cheeow) People
Day 11: Youmai (You-My) People
Day 12: Liujia (Lee-U-Jeeah) People of China
Day 13: Ai-Cham (Eye-Chum) People
Day 14: Rao (Raow) People
Day 15: Qanu (Ga-Noo) People
Day 16: Xi (Shee) People of China
Day 17: Da Hei Neisu (Da-Hay-Nay-Soo) People
Day 18: Xiao Hei Neisu (Shaow-Hay-Nay-Soo) People
Day 19: Aling (Ah-Loo) People
Day 20: Wopu (Woh-Poo) People
Day 21: Xingping Lalu (Shin-Ping-Lah-Loo) People
Day 22: Longjia (Long-Jeeah) People
Day 23: Micha (Mee-Chee) People
Day 24: Apu (Ah-Poo) People
Day 25: Azong (Ah-Zong) People
Day 26: Popei (Poh-Pay) People
Day 27: Talu (Tah-Loo) People
Day 28: Xuzhang Lalu (Sin-Ing-Lah-Loo)
Day 29: Alu (Ah-Luoh) People
Day 30: Chesu (Cheh-Soo) People
Day 31: Buyuan Jinuo (Boo-Yooahn-Jee-Nor) People
August: Pray for the Peace of Kashmir
Day 1: Pray for Peace in Kashmir
Day 2: Protection for Kashmiris
Day 3: Drug Abuse in Kashmir
Day 4: Muslim Women in Kashmir
Day 5: Work Among Kashmiris
Day 6: Kul Faqir People
Day 7: Bhand People
Day 8: Bhat People
Day 9: Dhalami Faqirs in Kashmir
Day 10: Dharhi People
Day 11: Mirasi People
Day 12: Arora Muslims in Kashmir
Day 13: Purig-Pa in Kashmir
Day 14: The Mughal People
Day 15: Muslim Tarkhan People
Day 16: Shaikhs
Day 17: Muslim Sonar People
Day 18: Malik People
Day 19: Awan Rajputs
Day 20: Chib Rajputs
Day 21: Domaal Rajputs of Kashmir
Day 22: Muslim Janjua Rajputs
Day 23: Sidhu Jats
Day 24: Bandukkhar People of Kashmir
Day 25: Bafinda People
Day 26: Bakkarwal People
Day 27: Hanji People
Day 28: Bomba People
Day 29: Sudhan People
Day 30: Radio Life India
Day 31: Light and Life Ministries
September: Pray for the Humility to Call on the Name of The Lord in J&K!
Day 1: Moravian Mission Work in Ladakh
Day 2: Missionary Biography, continued
Day 3: Missionary Biography, continued
Day 4: Tibetans in Leh
Day 5: Buddhist Bodh People
Day 6: Buddhist Brokpa People
Day 7: Buddhist Changpa People
Day 8: Buddhist Gara People
Day 9: Buddhist Mangrik People
Day 10: Tibetan Buddhist Rigzong People
Day 11: Buddhist Mon People in India and Myanmar
Day 12: Hindu Garhwali People
Day 13: India Gospel Outreach Work in Odisha
Day 14: Bible for the World
Day 15: Gaur Brahmans
Day 16: Purohit Brahmans
Day 17: Agarwal Bania People
Day 18: Jain and Hindu Porwal Bania
Day 19: Mahesri Banias
Day 20: Hindu and Muslim Zargar
Day 21: Hindu Batwal People
Day 22: Hindu Gardi People
Day 23: Hindu Jhinwar People
Day 24: Hindu Basith People
Day 25: Hindu Bais Rajputs
Day 26: Trauma Healing TV Projects
Day 27: Hindu or Sikh Bhatia (aka, Bhatti) Rajputs
Day 28: Hindu Chandel Rajput
Day 29: Sikh Mahtam People (aka, Rai Sikhs)
Day 30: Ramdasia Sikhs

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