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Global Prayer Digest April 2018

Africans Reaching Europeans, Europeans Reaching Africans
Day 1: Missionary Biography, John Godson
Day 2: Workers Among Comorians
Day 3: Busyness Among Africans in France
Day 4: Shame and Honor Among Comorians in France
Day 5: Demonic Forces
Day 6: Embracing Truth Among Comorians
Day 7: Dreams and Visions Among Africans in Europe
Day 8: Walls of Conflict
Day 9: Mothers and Uncles
Day 10: Women and Infertility
Day 11: Parents and Children
Day 12: Drugs and Gangs Among Africans in Europe
Day 13: Challenges for the Next Generation
Day 14: Moors in France and Spain
Day 15: Saharawis in France
Day 16: Bambara People in France
Day 17: Tamacheq People in France
Day 18: Wolof People in France
Day 19: Fulani People in France
Day 20: The Work of Abel and Patricia Vallejos
Day 21: Soninke People in France
Day 22: Work Among African and Arabs in Europe
Day 23: Christar Work
Day 24: Somalis in Cardiff, UK
Day 25: Eritreans in the UK
Day 26: Church-Based Outreach Teams in UK
Day 27: Libyans in Manchester, UK
Day 28: Sudanese Arabs in the UK
Day 29: The African Diaspora in the UK
Day 30: Outreach Among African Muslims in Europe

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