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Global Prayer Digest July 2019

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What is the Future of the Chinese Church?
Day 1: Dongxiang in China
Day 2: Kazakhs in China
Day 3: Southern Dong in China
Day 4: Xialiangshan Nosu People in China
Day 5: Yinao Nosu People in China
Day 6: Pingdi People in China
Day 7: Gtsang Tibetan
Day 8: Central Tibetan People in China
Day 9: Amdo Tibetans in China
Day 10: Eastern Khampa People of China
Day 11: Brahmins in Nepal
Day 12: Hill Brahmins in Nepal
Day 13: Muslims Shaikhs in Nepal
Day 14: Hindu Yadavs in Nepal
Day 15: Bhoi Kharbind People in India and Nepal
Day 16: Gangauta Teli People in Bangladesh and India
Day 17: Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka
Day 18: Chauhan Rajputs
Day 19: Ansaris in Pakistan
Day 20: Awan Tribe in Pakistan
Day 21: Baloch in Pakistan
Day 22: Rind Baloch People in Pakistan
Day 23: Brahui people in Pakistan
Day 24: Muslim Barwala People in Pakistan
Day 25: Jhalawan Brahui in Pakistan
Day 26: Muslim Dhobis in Pakistan
Day 27: Dhund people in Pakistan
Day 28: Gujar People in Pakistan
Day 29: Gujjars in Pakistan
Day 30: Muslim Hajam Community in Pakistan
Day 31: Kamboj People in India and Pakistan

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