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The 10/40 Window

·Type: Maps
·Description: This map colors and labels countries in the Pray Through the Window list. This list emphasizes the spiritual need of the country rather than just if the country is geographically inside The 10/40 Window. Thus some spriritual needy countries not geographically inside the Window will be colored and labeled (e.g. North Korea) and some less spiritual needy countries geographically inside the Window (e.g. South Korea) will not be colored and labeled.
·Map Date: 2007
·Producer: GMI
·Collection: Projects 2007
·Size: Size: 8½ by 11 inches, landscape
·Categories: Type :: Maps
Continent/Region :: World
Topic :: Concepts
Partners :: Global Mapping International
Collection :: GMI Map Collections :: Projects 2007
Continent/Region :: 10/40 Window

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