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We must be global Christians with global vision because our God is a global God. -John Stott

A vast number of the people and churches around us are unaware of the scarcity of the Gospel in the world around us. Persecution, the Gospel shared in heart language, and the need for goers, senders, and pray-ers are topics that are literally unknown to millions of Christians. We can change this in big and small ways as we share the needs and opportunities with our friends, churches, and fellow believers. These resources can help equip you to share the Great Commission challenge with the Church around you. "God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him." -Hudson Taylor (missionary to China)

Some ideas to assist you in preparing presentations:

Country maps

  World Factbook country maps collection

  World Factbook country flags collection
Affinity Blocs & 10/40 Window

  11 Affinity Blocs and the 10/40 Window

  Progression of Christianity

  Peoples Definition – What is a People?

  Peoples in Society: Stratification
Should I not be Concerned

  Should I not be Concerned for the 10/40 Window?
State of the Gospel

  State of the World 2016 (Jason Mandryk and Molly Wall)

  Total Population Classified by Percent Evangelical

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