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Library Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I upload files to MissionInfobank?

A: Contact LightSys to submit files for sharing.

Q: Audio/Video files.

A: There are a substantial number of media player software packages available, each of which can play many (but not all) of the media formats available in the Mission InfoBank site. Many of the players also allow the addition of plugins or codecs that will allow it to play additional media types. Each of these players, when it installs (and sometimes each time it tries to play an item), may try to tell your browser that it should be the player for that kind of media. Often, the browser gets so confused by these conflicting requests that it brings up no player at all for a given kind of media, or tries to download the whole media file before starting to play it. While there is no absolutely foolproof solution to the problem, here are some suggestions we have found helpful:

  • Try downloading the media item, then use the Open option at the end of the download or navigate to the file from your desktop and click on it. If it opens successfully, you know you have a player successfully installed on your system for the type of file you have downloaded. The act of playing the file locally on your computer may also set your browser to start the same player for that kind of file in the future.
  • If the file doesn't play by clicking on it, try dragging and dropping it to the icon or open player for each of the media players you have on your system.
  • If none of your existing players will play the file, try updating your player (frequently from the Help menu) or downloading one of the following players:
    • Windows Media Player (MP3, Windows Media Audio [.wma] audio and Windows Media Video [.wmv] video, and many other formats)
    • RealPlayer (MP3 and RealAudio [.ra] audio, RealMedia [.rm] video and other formats)
    • Apple iTunes (MP3, iTunes Proprietary [.aac, .m4p], and AIFF [.aif, .aiff] audio, QuickTime [.mov] video and other formats)

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