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Abu Sayyaf (Prayercast)

They may be small but they are mighty. Mighty violent. They are Abu Sayyaf.
One of the smallest and most violent jihadist groups, based in southern Philippines.
Notorious for—
  • kidnappings for ransom
  • high-profile bombings
  • Burning of churches
  • Assassinations
  • Beheading
Abu Sayyaf’s stated goal is to establish an independent Islamic state in Mindanao island and the Sulu Archipelago.
This extremist group is rejected by both Muslims and Christians because of their conduct.
But what if they learned that Jesus Christ doesn’t reject them?
What if they learned He forgives even the most heinous of sins and can bring them the peace they desperately need?

For more information go to Abu Sayyaf on the Prayercast website.
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