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Global Bible Translation (Missio Nexus)

Status of Bible Translation – 2022
Imagine your life if you didn’t know the truth of God’s Word. Didn’t know the unconditional love of Jesus. Didn’t know God’s plan for you. Because it didn’t exist in your language. That’s the grim reality for over one billion people around the world.
Today there are more than 3,000 language groups with little or no access to Scripture, and about 2,000 of those don’t have a single verse of Scripture in the language they best understand. Many of these language groups include followers of Christ, and even established churches. But with their only access to Scripture being in another language, the deep truths of God’s Word are difficult, if not impossible, to access.
But there is hope! Unprecedented advances in technology, innovation and collaboration among the global church are accelerating the pace of Bible translation like never before. There are currently full Bibles in over 700 languages, with almost half of those being completed in the last 20 years. To complete Bible translation better, faster, and more cost effectively, Bible organizations are working together and sharing information. ProgressBible partners with Great Commission organizations to illuminate the Scripture gap in a way that inspires informed action to meet local language needs.

For more information go to Global Bible Translation on the Mission Nexus website.
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