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On Mission 2020 (Missio Nexus)

 On Mission is a free virtual conference designed for
Church Mission Leaders and Mission Organization Leaders.
Full OnMission 2020 program or individual videos listed below:
·Melissa Weissenberger: South America Mission – Mobilizing Younger Generations
·Jay Matenga: WEA Missions Commission – Mobilization in an Era of Deconstruction
·Matthew Ellison: Sixteen:Fifteen – Keys for Effective Church Mobilization
·Irmiyaa Williams: Global Frontier Missions – Mobilizing a Diverse Mission Force
·Jeannie Marie: Author, Across the Street and Around the World – Eight Things Great Mobilizers Do
·Stephen: Cafe 1040 – Mobilizing Millennials and Generation Z
·Steve Shadrach: Center for Missions Mobilization – The 4th Era of Modern Missions Movement
·Dave & Lorene Wilson: Avant – Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization
·Ferdinand Nweke: Eternity Ministries – Mobilizing the Marketplace for Missions
·Tanner Callison: The Traveling Team – Mobilizing Millennials and Generation Z
·Chris Conti: SIM – Why and How to Involve the Whole Church in Missions
·Sharon Hoover: Centerville Presbyterian Church – On-Ramps for Missions in the Local Church
·Ryan Shaw: Global Mission Mobilization Initiative – Multiplying Mission Mobilization Movements
·Rory Bonte & Laney Mills: Global Frontier Mission – Mobilizing Millennials and Generation Z
·David Jacob: Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention – Seven Keys to Effectively Utilize Missionaries as Mobilizers
·Steve Leston: To Every Tribe – Church and Agency Partnerships for Stronger Mobilization
·Valerie Althouse: International Students, Inc. – Mobilizing for International Outreach in North America
·Brent McHugh: Christar – Three Mobilization Rivers
·Jamie Farr: Wycliffe – Removing Mobilization Hinderances
·Rodney Pennington: OMF – Keys for Effective Mobilization
·Jeff Boesel: OCI – Partnership in Mobilization Preparation
·Dave Rofkahr: Center for Missions Mobilization – Mobilization Index: A New Tool for Mission Leaders
·Chris Conti : SIM – How to Mobilize in A Personal and Strategic Way
·Grant Haynes: Global Frontier Missions – Working To, Through, And With the Diaspora
·Randy Mitchell: One World Mission – Imperative of Mobilization

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