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Ahmadiyya (Prayercast)

Peace and tolerance.
This is the gospel of Ahmadi Muslims.
What a captivating gospel!
Yet they often face shame and harsh persecution from many Muslim nations. How can this be?
Headquartered in London, the Ahmadiyya number more than ten million adherents in more than 200 countries.
What sets them apart?
  • The prophetic role they attribute to their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
  • Their lack of using violence for their cause. For this they are shamed.
But what if they learn that Jesus did not actually faint on the cross and walk away like they are taught, but He truly did die?
And it was for their shame and sin— to bring them True and permanent Peace.
For more information go to Ahmadiyya on the Prayercast website.
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