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Displaced People in North America (Prayercast)

Recently, the U.S. admitted 271,000 Ukrainian refugees since the Russian invasion. Before that nearly 100,000 Afghans were brought to the safety of the American borders. Additionally, many have sought refuge from Syria, Somalia, Iran, and elsewhere.
While relocating to North America does restore some safety and security, it comes at a price.
Some struggle through family separation and loss of livelihood. Many who lived in small villages now live in big cities. Others who once knew wealth now experience poverty.
Most are traumatized.
But they can have hope yet!
Because no matter the depth of oppression, the loneliness and loss, Jesus destroyed the power of trauma on the Cross!
It is through the love and wounds of Jesus that each one of these displaced people are healed. Let’s pray!
For more information go to Displaced People in North America on the Prayercast website.
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