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Lausanne January 2024 Issue Overview

Since humankind decided to become like God and ate of the fruit, it has been plagued with dis-ease. A broken relationship, that between God and humankind, was the first example of disease and suffering the world had ever known. A form of suffering that was in the beginning a spiritual break from a perfect relationship with the Creator of the universe, eventually led to mental and physical suffering. Does the church have a calling to heal and make whole those who are suffering around us all on a daily basis? If we believe she is called to such a ministry focus, what should that look like in real life? Will it be to help address the needs of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit? How will this calling be carried out in the midst of the world’s efforts to do the same? And perhaps most importantly, does this have any application to the remaining challenge of so many ethnolinguistic groups, commonly known as ‘people groups’, that still have no witness to the good news of Jesus the Messiah?

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