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Burnout in Zambian Women in Ministry and Humanitarian Work

How Culture Influences The Burnout Experience And Implications For Member Care
In 2021 I completed my Masters in Member Care dissertation on the topic, ‘Burnout in Zambian Women in Ministry and Humanitarian Work’. At the time of writing, I had been working as a missionary in Southern Africa, mostly Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, and Zambia for 27 years. In my role as regional member care facilitator in that region, I had seen several women go through burnout on the mission field. For some this resulted in an end to their missionary service, for others, it meant an extended absence from the field. As I did not see or hear about such experiences among men in our mission, I wondered why burnout seemed to be more prevalent among women. I began to wonder if it was related to our African culture. This birthed the desire to explore burnout in women in ministry settings to find how culture influenced their burnout experience...
For more information go to Burnout in Zambian Women in Ministry and Humanitarian Work on the Lausanne Movement website.
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