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God’s Mission Still Needs Missionaries

Appropriate Sending In A Polycentric World
  • If ‘Mission’ Involves the Whole Church
  • And if ‘Mission’ Includes the Whole Gospel
  • Then Let Appropriate Sending Continue to take us to the Whole World
  • Today’s World is Again Polycentric
  • Our Work is Polycentric
  • But There Remains a Global Mission
  • So, in a Polycentric World, is Sending Still Necessary?
    • Can we all stay where we are?
    • Under what circumstances should we cease major sending?
    • The main reason for intentional sending is inequality
    • Equality would not mean that our work is complete
    • Is there still enough inequality to justify major sending?
    • Staying Where We Are May Get Lausanne Two Out of Four
    • he Sending Message is Key
For more information go to God’s Mission Still Needs Missionaries on the Lausanne Movement website.
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