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Journal of Language Survey Reports (SIL)

The Journal of Language Survey Reports (formerly Electronic Survey Reports) is a peer-reviewed journal for original research articles published since 1999. Reports provide basic data about non-dominant languages and the community of people to whom those languages belong, and thereby contribute to decision-making for the intentional planning of language development. The reports, published by SIL International®, are authored primarily but not exclusively by SIL staff. Some are preliminary work papers based on field notes and not presented as polished research. Sometimes these are the work of young sociolinguists with minimal training while others are from seasoned professionals. They are sometimes the first and only written descriptions of a people and their language. The journal title was changed from Electronic Survey Reports to Journal of Language Survey Reports starting with the first issue in 2021.
Some included titles are:
  • Survey Report on the Kapauri Language of Papua, Indonesia
  • A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Ejuele (Doka) [dbi] Language of Kaduna State, Nigeria
  • A Sociolinguistic Profile of the Rishiwa and Kizamani (Shuwa-Zamani [ksa]) Languages of Kaduna State, NigeriaA Sociolinguistic Profile of Five Upper Cross Language Varieties in Cross River State, Nigeria
  • A Report on Fulni-­ô Language Vitality
  • A Survey of the Languages of the Upper Purus River
  • The Bonda: Further Sociolinguistic Survey
  • Lombi Survey Report
  • Intelligibility and Language Boundaries among the Cangin Peoples of Senegal
For more information go to Journal of Language Survey Reports on the SIL International website.
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