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The e-Books series is authored primarily by SIL staff. It includes peer-reviewed book-length documents on language and culture, especially as related to lesser-known and endangered languages. Subject areas include linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, translation, literacy and education, language and culture learning, and computer applications to those endeavors.
Some included titles are:
  • Crafting Academic Texts from an Ethnographic Perspective by Merz, Johannes and Sharon Merz
  • Participant Reference in Central Sinama: A Combined Methodology by James, Lydia
  • The Segmental Phonology and Tonology of Dye (Gangam) and its Verb Classification System by Reimer, A. Jeanette
  • A Grammar of Eastern Tawbuid by Fleming, Hannah M
  • Manual of Discourse Workshops for Mother Tongue Translators: Volume 1 – Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan Languages by Bartsch, Carla
  • Poetry or Prose? Readers' Responses to Poetic Translation of Biblical Hebrew Poetry by Hemphill, Thomas
  • Maisin: A Grammatical Description of an Oceanic Language in Papua New Guinea by Frampton, Joanna Margaret
  • Perspectives from a Non-Dominant Language Community on Education in a Multilingual City by Schell, Kate
  • Grammar Sketch of Mashan Miao by Heal, Sarah
  • Scripture Use Research And Ministry, Berg, René van den, compiler
  • Grammaire du nawdm by Nicole, Jacques
  • Room for Growth: Training and support for mother-tongue preschool teachers in the Guera region of Chad by Tyler, Caroline J
  • Development of a National Literacy Assessment Instrument for Cross-Linguistic Use in Nepal by Kim, Young Mee
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