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Crafting Academic Texts from an Ethnographic Perspective

This is an introductory book for those who have little or no experience in crafting academic texts. Based on our own experience in academic and ethnographic writing, we address issues we consider important and challenging. We start by looking at questions of style. This includes how to write simple, clear and understandable sentences, use active language and make the writer part of the text when appropriate. We must use accurate and fair words to describe our insights about other people without over-generalising or using value-laden or emotionally-charged terminology. We do so by describing what we observe, rather than sharing our opinion. Then, we discuss how to structure academic texts from the title and the introduction, through the sections that make up the main text, to the conclusion. Texts should be driven by a cohesive and persuasive argument, rather than by evidence or data. We end by stressing the importance of reviewing your text and seeking feedback.

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