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Resources for evangelism and Bible teaching (GRN)

GRN has audio and audio-visual materials for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in over 6000 languages and dialects.
The simple audio and audio-visual resources speak the truth of God’s word in the heart language of every people group. Resources include:
  • Listen or Download: Bible stories, simple bible teaching and evangelistic resources
  • Audio and Audio-Visual Materials: A wide range of culturally appropriate resources
  • 5fish: GRN content on your device
  • Written Resources: Scripts and other story-based written materials for ESL, Sunday school and basic Bible teaching.
  • The GRN Audio Library: Evangelistic and basic Bible teaching material appropriate to the people’s need and culture in a variety of styles and formats.
  • GRN Resources for Special Purposes: GRN materials can be used in many different ways, such as in ministry to children, seafarers, prisoners, migrants and refugees.
  • Script Library: GRN scripts used as a basis for translation into many languages
  • Resources for Short term missions
  • Tech Depot: GRN training material and technical information. A short selection of some of the training material and other technical information GRN has about recording technology and practices.
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