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Refugees (Prayercast)

Forced to leave their home country because of conflict or persecution, refugees numbered over 36 million in 2023!
These are people who face much oppression— through persecution, rejection, and closed doors.
Refugees are not wanted in their homeland and, as Muslims, they are not always received warmly in a new country.
These are a people who need to know, no matter where they lay their head, they have a Creator who sees them and loves them.
In the dark days they feel alone, He is with them.
In the seasons where no one hears their voice, He listens to their cry.
They desperately need to know that it’s only in Jesus they can lay their burdens down and find divine rest.
He saves. He wipes away tears. He is their home.
For more information go to Refugees on the Prayercast website.
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