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Mission Frontiers May/June 2023

The Gospel Goes Digital
New inventions have always been met with some controversy and skepticism at first as believers wrestled with understanding the new technology and its biblical implications before adopting it to the glory of God. That process continues in our day at a breathtaking speed. We should seek to use every tool that science can provide to help spread the Gospel. But we cannot just sit back and hope that the scientific community will always use these new technologies wisely. The Church needs to be actively involved in guiding the application of new technologies from a biblical perspective.
Download the whole issue or go here for individual articles:
  • We Are All Digital Missionaries
  • Permission to Journey Together
  • Three Digital Shifts and Whatthey Mean for Ministry
  • From New York City to Rio de Janeiro: Wielding Technology to Reach Jewish People
  • Digital Outreach: Learning to Do Many Things Well
  • Every Tongue and Nation: Building a “Central Nervous System”for the Body of Christ
  • A Hackathon for Global Missions
  • Digital Missions—Another Step in a Rich History
  • Translation Quality and Scripture Impact for “Last Mile” BibleTranslations: 24:14 Goal: Movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025 (32 months)
  • In the Post-Covid World, Online Training Opportunities Continue to Grow
  • Technological Development Must Have a Biblical Foundation
  • Unreached of the Day May-June 2023
  • Digital Opportunity in Missions Work

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