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Mission Frontiers September-October 2022

Healers and Preachers: Coming Together to Foster Movements in All Peoples
One thing is very clear from the ministry of Jesus. He not only cared for the spiritual needs of people but also their physical needs. Wherever He went, He healed the sick, cast out demons and proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom. If Jesus is our model for the ongoing mission of the Church, then we have no excuse for not seeking to heal the sick as well. Not only did Jesus model a ministry of caring for physical needs, He told His disciples to go and do likewise. As movements to Jesus spread to all the unreached peoples, so also should a reproducible and scalable system of indigenous health care, hygiene and nutritional training. This issue is all about overlapping healers and preachers. If we can finally strike the right balance and employ a holistic approach to fostering movements that involves ministry to the whole person, mind, body and spirit; it could be exactly what we need to fuel movements to Jesus in every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

Download the whole issue or go here for individual articles:
    • Striking the Right Balance
    • Jesus’ Holistic Paradigm: The Key to Reaching the Final Ethne
    • Midwife Missionary or Missionary Midwife?: Creating Sustainable Change for Mothers and Babies
    • Rediscovering Health as Mission: the Key Role of the Faith Community Nurse/Parish Nurse
    • Go and Heal to Proclaim the Good News!: The Place of Medical Work in Christian Missions
    • Health-Promoting Churches: A Model for Congregation-Based Health Promotion Ministry Among the Nations
    • The Vanga Story: A Revolutionary Approach to Healthcare
    • The Groaning Creation and Our Response
    • The Seventh Station of Short-term Healthcare Related Missions Outreach
    • Toward the Edges: The Frontiers, and Health and Mission?
    • Media to Movements–A 24:14 Panel Discussion with GP, Jon Ralls, Chris Casey, and JLA: Movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025 (40 months)
    • Small Disciple-Making Habits Make a Huge Difference
    • Further Reflections
    • The Healing Congregation: Total Ministry for the Whole Person: The Story of Bethel Baptist Church, Jamaica
    • Unreached of the Day September October 2022

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