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Mission Frontiers May-June 2022

Download the whole “Celebrating George Patterson 1932-2022” issue or go here for individual articles:
  • A Historic and World-Changing Life Well Lived
  • George Patterson, 1932–2022 A Daughter’s Testimony
  • George Patterson’s Principles Led to a Mongolian Movement to Christ
  • Principles Gleaned from 20 Years of Catalyzing Movements in Myanmar
  • Celebrating the Gift of George Patterson: Tributes from those whom he impacted
  • Patterson’s Principles
  • Come Quickly Dawn
  • 14 Steps of Mobilization to Reach the Unreached!
  • Longing for the Golden City: How 42,500 Buddhist-Background Believers are Proclaiming the Gospel
  • George Patterson and the Movement- Movement
  • Gaining Church-Planting Momentum During COVID-19: Movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025 (44 months)
  • The Urgency of God: I.E. We Could be Going Faster
  • The Phenomenon of Church Multiplication in the Book of Acts: Excerpted from the Just Obey Jesus Coaches Guide by Jay Judson
  • Cultural Difference and the Spread of the Gospel
  • Unreached of the Day May-June 2022

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