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IJFM Volume 15:1

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15:1 Tentmaking II
· Editorial, Kenneth Smith
· Tentmaking and Partnership, Phill Butler
· Shrewd yet Innocent: Thoughts on Tentmaking Integrity, Robert Morris
· Business Power for God‘s Purpose, Heinz Suter and Marco Gmur
· How Business is Integral to Tentmaking, Dwight Nordstrom and Jim Nielsen
· Teaching, Tents and Telling the Good News, Sabrina Wong
· Don‘t Call me a Tentmaker, Gary Taylor
· Strategic Impact Through Multiplying Modular Business, David Hagen
· The Internet:Tentmaker‘s Coffeeshop for the Nineties, Doug Lucas
· Starting a Business in a Restricted Access Nation, Patrick Lai
· Tentmaking and Missions: Reflections on the Brazilian Case, Robson Ramos
· COMIBAM: Takeoff Towards AD 2000, Douglas Smith

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