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Mission Frontiers January-February 2023

Kingdom movements (four or more generations of churches planting churches, in multiple streams) are happening outside the direct personal experience of most of us. We didn’t come to faith in a movement and we’ve not catalyzed a movement. We know missionaries who have labored faithfully for many years and not seen a movement result. Some of us (myself included) are, or have been, workers who saw some fruit among the unreached, but nothing resembling a movement. As a result, the whole idea of catalyzing a movement can have an aura of mystery about it. In this issue, we’re blessed to be able to offer you a few security-sensitive glimpses into some ways God is accomplishing this multiplication through his servants.
Download the whole issue or go here for individual articles:
  • Great News: Movements are Starting New Movements
  • Cascading Gospel: Movements Starting Movements
  • Movements Spreading as God Leads His Children
  • DMM Jumps to Another Desert Tribe
  • Look Where You Have Cousins: How Proximate Strategies Help Movements Launch Movements
  • Disciple Making Movement Jumps to Another Continent
  • Three Movement articles reprinted from MF Jan Feb 2018
  • Cloud by Day, Fire by Night
  • Multiplying Movements through Organic Growth
  • How Long to Reach the Goal?: Movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025 (36 months)
  • What Must be Done?
  • Toward the Edges: Movements Fostering Movements
  • Mission Mobilizers— A Multifaceted Role in God’s Global Purpose
  • Lean into Chaos—It’s Often Where God Is Greatly at Work
  • Further Reflections: Purpose of God?
  • Unreached of the Day January-February 2023

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