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Mission Frontiers May-June 2021

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What have you brought for us? Confonting the hidden dangers of money in missions.
This issue of MF is your opportunity to learn from others the dangers of foreign funds in missions. In the West we often think that money can solve all problems, but in reality no amount of money can replace the hard work, ingenuity and innovation of people. Foreign money not only does not speed up the spread of the gospel, it actually hinders it as it discourages the people being reached from taking personal ownership of the process of making disciples and planting churches. A question for us as Jesus followers is, “How do you motivate and encourage people to make disciples and plant churches?” Some think money is the answer, but as you will read in this issue of MF, money is often a disincentive to what we want to see in ministry.
· Understanding Human Nature and Money
· What Have You Brought For Us? Reflections on Unhealthy Dependency via My Short-Term Missions (STM) Experiences
· Five Times, Ninety Days and One Generation
· A Support Structure for Staying the Course
· Could Inspiring More “We Did It” Stories Help Break the Dependency Mindset?
· Is There a Cure for Unhealthy Dependency?
· The Surprising Relevance of the Three-Self Formula
· Good Intentions Are Not Always Good Enough
· Mission Co-Dependency: Its Symptoms, Long- Term Effects and Prevention
· Dependency is a complicated issue!
· Your Part in God’s Story: An Interview with Author Steve Addison
· Movement Servants Needed! 24:14 Goal: Movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025
· Becoming a Person of Dogged Determination
· The Impact of Dependency on the Home Front
· Unreached of the Day May-June 2021 (Formerly known as the Global Prayer Digest)

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