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Mission Frontiers November - December 2019

Download the whole issue or go here for individual articles:
What Happens When Everything is Missions
· How to Keep the Unreached Peoples…Unreached?
· We Are Not All Missionaries, But We Are All on Mission!
· The Great Confusion
· What's the Harm in Calling Everything Missions?
· Acts 1:8 Sequentialism
· ReforMission: Churches that Changed Their Minds
· When Everything is Missions
· Currents of Change: How Did Everything become Missions?
· Toward the Edges: Using the M Words
· 24:14 Goal: Kingdom Movements: Are you “Out of Your Mind” or “Overjoyed”?
· Zealous for the Things that Matter
· The Rise & Fall of Movements
· Seeing from Another Perspective
· Year of the Frontier Prayer Calendars

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