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Research Mentoring (OC)

No matter where in the world you might be serving, your ministry may be facing an especially difficult question or obstacle right now. Whatever that thorny issue might be, research mentoring aims to help you cut through it, in full dependence on God’s Spirit and with the goal of greater fruitfulness.
The Global Research Team’s mission and passion is to assist field workers, churches and ministry partners to gather and analyze information to develop effective ministry strategies. This is what our friends at GMI called "knowledge stewardship," that is, the Spirit-led process of acquiring and insightfully using information for God’s glory and according to His purpose. This process involves gathering data, applying it to organizational decisions, and evaluating the results of those decisions. That mission and passion of knowledge stewardship guides the entire process.
The Breakthrough Mentoring Suite offers two approaches. The two-month version is called SearchLite, which is designed to investigate a simple question for a Benefiting Organization. The one-year version, called Breakthrough, allows a researcher to investigate a larger issue informing decision-making for the Benefiting Organization.
For more information go to Research Mentoring on the OC Research website.
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